Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Minecraft Hoenn: Part 41/43: Pokemon League

Part 41/43 of the creation of the Hoenn Region in Minecraft.

Wow. Almost finished. I've started University so my next update may come out sometime next week depending on my workload. My workload could be constant or quite light but I'm thinking on the constant side.

The Pokemon League is the final frontier for any trainer. The Pokemon League is host to the Elite Four and the Champion. All this is contained in one tall building. It is the tallest building in Hoenn consisting of 6 high ceiling levels. The building is part of Ever Grande City but is included as a separate part because I thought it was too important to combine with Ever Grande City.

Wow that's tall.  It's made of orange wool which is not the first choice of material when building a skyscraper but it's orange just like you see in the Gameboy game.

Lots of holes for windows with yellow clay and iron accents on the facade. It looks fantastic.

Time to fill this building up.  There are 6 levels in this building. Level 1 is a Pokemon Centre and Pokemon Mart. Level 2-5 is Pokemon League trainers and Level 6 is the champion's floor.

 The lowest level. With a sandstone floor it's very much the same as a normal Pokemon Centre.

All furnished. On the left (in the gameboy game) is a normal Pokemon Centre healing station and on the right is a Pokemon mart.

The floors have 8 blocks ceiling to ceiling. 

Here is the first room all fancy and decorated. A dirt floor and sand pits form the first room of the Pokemon League. 

And just so you can see this is that an unfinished floor looks like. Quartz everywhere and the ceiling from the level below showing through. 

Right at the top of the building is the champions room. Around the main arena is a crevice to make the illusion of a bottomless pit.  

I think this building is one of the best I've ever built. It seems so highly engineered compared to other buildings like the Lilycove Department Store per say. . 

The champions room. 

The rear of the building before covering with orange wool and windows. 

The rear of the building after covering with orange wool and windows. 

But these stairs let the feel of the place down. I'll try and fix that before release.  This view is looking up at the roof.

And a wide angle view of a normal staircase. 


The Pokemon League growing taller and more intimidating as you walk closer.

I looks a tad too big for Ever Grande City but it's staying that way. 

Mossdeep City with the Pokemon League looming over. 

The top of the building. That small protrusion is to accommodate the enlarged staircase that leads to the champions room. 

The ground floor where all the amenities you could ever need are within easy reach. 

1st floor. Dark type themed with a dirt floor and sand pits. 

2nd floor with a ghost type theme. Purple clay and cracked stone brick pits. 

3rd floor with an ice theme. Blue clay floor with compressed ice pits. 

4th floor with a dragon type theme. Acacia wood floors with cobblestone pits.

And the champions room with 'pink' clay and stone throughout. 

Progress so far.

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Or you can now download a preview here:

If you have any tips for improvement please don't hesitate to share. It would be greatly appreciated. Next: Part 42 features the Battle Tower.
After That: Part 43 features terrain fill in and finishing touches.
And After That: Beta Release.
93% Complete.

Friday, 20 February 2015

Minecraft Hoenn: Part 40/43: Ever Grande City and Victory Road.

Part 40/43 of the creation of the Hoenn Region in Minecraft.

Three parts to go. Start the countdown. Progress has been slow and steady recently but that's not a bad thing.

Ever Grande City is the last city to visit before facing the fearsome Pokemon League. Ever Grande City is essentially split into two sections. Both are connected by the Victory Road which is an underground cave which serves as the final test before battling the Pokemon League.

It's quite a large and tall landmass and only has two buildings but it is one of the most iconic cities in all of Hoenn.

(Image sourced from Bulbapedia)

Ever Grande City is the eastern most city in Hoenn. It measures 80x160 blocks.

Clear the water... as usual. 

And then start building. Ever Grande City is built on a plateau which I need to build first. A day of slow and steady cloning of coarse dirt and filling of stone got the job done. 

Ever Grande city already looks quite grand. 

Victory road is a three level cave which connects the northern section of the city to the southern section. 

Before we've finished Ever Grande City I thought it best to pause construction and concentrate on Victory Road. Why? Well rather than build the city and then tunnel through the stone I decided to dig out all the stone and build within the hole. 
(Image sourced from Bulbapedia)

Dig. Dig lots. This rectangular crater will be the home of Victory Road.

The lower half goes in first. It measures 44x26 blocks. Unfortunately because of physical space constraints the cave I will built at 1:1 scale. But at least the over world is at 2:1 scale otherwise Victory road would have to be 1:2 scale. Half the size it is on the gameboy. 

Lower level finished. After playing around in it 1:1 scale really isn't that bad. You shouldn't even notice. 

The ceiling added darkness. The lower levels of victory road are in complete darkness so you need to either use FLASH, or a night vision potion, or bring your own torches. 

Starting the second level. The ladders don't exactly line up so this level was modified slightly. I made sure the same 'puzzle' effect that Pokemon caves have was still intact. 


And the top most floor finished. 

It may look quite low down compared to where the cave entrances and exits are and that's because it is. I've put two staircases in. One for the entrance and one for the exit. It's non original but it's either do that or have a cave entrance that drops off, or have a victory road that isn't as close to the original as it should be. 

The top level is fully lit. Those glowstone lights add a slightly comforting atmosphere to the cave.

And with that it's back to Ever Grande City. 

Now it's time to finish building the city. Most of it was done before we looked at Victory Road so all the rest was a few more layers and some gardening.

Now that all the layers are done...

It's time to add the grass and dirt. 

Then it was time to chisel the landscape and make the waterfall vertical. 

Then flowers (yes they are hard to see. My apologies).

Then the northern seciton.



Ever Grande City. All that it needs now is finishing around the edges... and a Pokemon League.

The waterfall. 

The southern half with Pokemon Centre and flowers. 

A view across the sea. 

Entering victory road. Once inside...

you get a fantastic view across the whole top level.

The next level down. Lit with a night vision potion. 

And the lowest, deepest level lit also with a night vision potion. 

Ah the exit. Time for the soothing sound of Ever Grande City. http://youtu.be/ghp_d3KLDDk 

Ever Grande City in the sunset. 

The cliffs of Ever Grande City looking beautiful with all those flowers spread over the land. 

These arch things?

Ever Grande City in the sunrise. 

Progress so far.

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PS: Check this project out on Planet Minecraft.

Or you can now download a preview here:

If you have any tips for improvement please don't hesitate to share. It would be greatly appreciated. Next: Part 41 features the Pokemon League.
After That: Part 42 features the Battle Tower.
And After That: Part 43 features terrain fill in and finishing touches.
91% Complete.